Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wanna spoon?

Heh, I will never tire of that little pun.

A few weeks back, Zoya had a little special with their spoons. You could order 6 spoons for free, and shipping is always free on the spoons - so they sent you six spoons for free. I like the idea of the spoons - they send you an oval of color on a plastic "spoon" to see the color as it appears dried, rather than in the bottle. I do this with all of my polishes on a color wheel I buy at Sally's. Even better is that they give you a discount coupon for a later purchase.

I scoured the site and picked six colors that interested me:
Top Row: Astra, Crystal, Anaka.
Bottom Row: Julieanne, Nidhi, Lianne
The six colors I picked were Astra, Crystal, Anaka, Julieanne, Nidhi and Lianne. I was impressed with all of the colors I picked out.
Astra is a pinky red glitter. The glitter is pretty chunky. This would need a nice, thick base coat like Seche Vite to even think about smoothing it out. I'm still undecided on this one as I have a few glitters, yet I typically avoid glitters on my nails. Not that I don't like the way they look, it's that I dread removing them.
Crystal is a bright blue with flecks of uneven-sized gold glitter pieces. This one isn't just glitter, so it dried a little smoother. This color is a definitely buy. This was my favorite of the bunch.
Anaka is a shimmery fuchsia pink. I love this, but I have a few colors like it - still on the fence.

Julieanne is a deep dark purple-blue with purple and blue duochrome. I think this one is also a must-buy. I loved the color. It was very hard to capture all of the color-changing shimmer in this one.
Nidhi is an orangey-red shimmer. I'm leaning towards purchase on this one.
Lastly, Lianne. This one was a shimmery (see a pattern here??) yellow-orange. I absolutely love the color, but when held up against my hands, it just didn't look right. So as much as I absolutely love this color, I think I will have to pass on it.

So, I'm at 2 definites and 2 maybes. They also have a new line coming out (which Vampy Varnish already reviewed) and I know that the green color - Gemma - will be on the must buy list. I'm going to wait until that line is released on the website and then scoop up the 3, maybe 4 that I want.

Did you take advantage of the Free Spoons? What colors did you pick?


  1. Thanks for being a great follower. I tagged you on my blog! Check it out!

  2. You should try the foil method when removing glitter nail polish... I never have but supposedly it makes the job a breeze.. found it on Pink Sith, who found it somewhere else :)

  3. @Toesthattwinkle - Thanks!

    @Lucy - I may try that one, I've also read that if you use felt rather than cotton balls, it also helps with the removal of glitter.


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