Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maybelline SuperStay 24 hour lipcolor

Oh, Maybelline, why do you taunt me with these extended longwear lipcolors? Why in the world would I need my lipstick to last 24 hours? I haven't stayed up all night since college, and the thought of staying up all night now exhausts me. Yet, these colors stare at me from the shelves and yell, "Try me! Drink all the coffee you want, I don't moooooove!"

Of course, I bought it. I picked out the Very Cranberry color. If you've ever used one of these types of long wear lipcolors, this one is really no different. It is a two sided tube, one side with the lipcolor and the other with a gloss. It's a liquid lipcolor with a doe foot applicator.

The issue I have with these is that the color dries so very quickly. So when you apply it to your lips, you better get it right the first time, because if there's any slip of the hand, it's a bear to fix. For the darker colors, I suggest using a lipliner to help stay in the lines. The color is very matte and very drying on the lips. You can feel the hardening and tightening of your lips once this dries down completely.

 It also seems to dry much lighter than in the tube. This is how it looks on my NC25 skin. At this point, I'm not completely sold. However, once you put the gloss on top, it tends to soften up the lips and even much of the uncomfortableness out. The gloss does need to be reapplied often to keep it looking nice.

You still see every single line in your lips, but I have to say, this stuff has some staying power. I used this one morning and by bedtime I still had to scrub with makeup remover to get it all off. That's multiple cups of coffee, 3 meals, some snacks and a few glasses of water. I do like that it is a dual ended tube instead of two separate tubes. When I was in high school and college I used to wear these long-wearing lipcolors all the time, and I would constantly lose the gloss tube. This way they both stay intact.

This normally sells for $7.99 in drugstores and Target. My suggestion is skip over the display. There are much nicer lipcolors in the drugstore.


  1. It is a pretty color, I just can't get over the texture and how it makes my lips feel. I never learn!

  2. It looks lovely with the gloss, thanks for this review b/c this is something I otherwise would have probably passed up.


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