Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Zoya Polish!

So, did everyone take advantage of Zoya's 3 free polishes deal? I took this as an opportunity to not only get 3 free, but to get a few more.

A few weeks ago I took advantage of Zoya's free spoon deal and ordered 6 of them. Of those spoons, I added Crystal and Julieanne to my basket. In addition to those two, I grabbed Tiffany - a glittery peachy pink, Annie - an orange with golden shimmer, and Indigo - a deep, dark blue with blue shimmer and sparse holographic (!) glitter. I swatched them all out, and I have to say I am VERY happy with my purchases (and freebies!)

Zoya Tiffany

Zoya Tiffany closeup
Tiffany - this was a lovely peachy-pink with very dense pink and gold glitter. It is the glitteriest of the 5 that I got. Despite all of the glitter, it went on very easily and dried smoothly. This was 3 coats.

Zoya Annie

Zoya Annie closeup
This was a fantastic orange - and I do love orange - with lots of golden yellow shimmer. This left some subtle brushstrokes, but it wasn't too bad. The coverage on this one was excellent. This picture is 2 coats. I love this one.

Zoya Indigo

Zoya Indigo closeup
Indigo. This was a fantastic color. It was a very deep navy blue with a lighter blue shimmer. There is also a very sparse holographic glitter suspended in it as well. It gives it just the right amount of glitter to give it that little something extra. It was hard to photograph, but it looks awesome. At first I thought it was going to be streaky because the first coat didn't go on very well, but the second coat evened all of it out. This picture is 2 coats.

Zoya Julieanne

Zoya Julieanne closeup
Julieanne. Ok, this one wreaked havoc on my camera. When I took the picture without the flash, it was true to color, but make my skin look a jaundiced yellow. When I used a flash, my skin was the right color, but the polish looked blue, which it absolutely isn't. It's actually a deep purply-black base with dense dark purple and pink glitter suspended in it. It takes on almost a duochrome-like effect. Just to show the craziness with the flash, I have a little comparison.
The left side is no flash, but true to polish color, the right side is with a flash and true to skin color. Now, there was no direct sunlight today thanks to snow and cloudy skies, so that's whats making my skin so yellow. But the polish is on target!

Zoya Crystal

Zoya Crystal closeup
Crystal. A lovely medium icy blue with flecks of large gold glitter dispersed through it. Great color, application was less than great. It took three coats to make it look ok, but I was getting some bald spots and cuticle drag. I can get over it for a nice color, though.

When I put this on, I thought it resembled a color I had in my stash - Essence Choose Me. I fetched it out of the draw and made a little comparison
Zoya Crystal on top and Essence Choose Me on bottom
They are both blue polishes with gold glitter, however the essence is a bit more turquoise hued and jelly like. The gold flecks are smaller in Choose Me as well.
Zoya Crystal and Essence Choose Me
They're close, but there's a definite difference in the two. A big enough difference that I don't feel guilty owning both!

So, did anyone else pick up their 3 free Zoya polishes?


  1. Zoya online also doesn't ship to Canada... but at least I can buy it here :)

  2. OMG! What's going on with polish and Canada!

  3. I picked up Crystal and Julianne in my order!


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