Saturday, January 8, 2011

Illamasqua Alarm

Normally, I don't worry about nail colors and my job. My co-workers are used to blue, green and purple glittery nails on me. I work in an office and most of my meetings are by teleconference, so I don't venture too far away from my office. However, we had a meeting where outside clients were coming in, so I had to save the holos and duochromes for another time. After shuffling through my stash, I realized that I don't have many non-sparkly cremes. Then I came across my unswatched Illamasqua Alarm.

I have to be honest, not many of the Illamasqua colors that are on display at Sephora appealed to me. Alarm was nice, and Jo'mina and Muse also made its way into my basket, because, well - and the blog states - I'm addicted. For this manicure, I reached for the Illamasqua Alarm.

Alarm is described as a bright orangey red. I love these types of red, less blue and more orange I feel they look better with my skin tone. This had one of the best formulas around. It was a touch thick, but completely opaque in 1 coat. I actually looked at my nails and realized I could stop there and put a top coat on, it was that nice. I still put on a second and topped it off with some Seche Vite.
This was simply a lovely color. Once my big meeting was done, the mani still looked good, no chips or markings, so I decided to add to it a bit. I grabbed my China Glaze Fairy Dust, which is holographic (surprise, surprise) glitter suspended into a clear polish, and added a coat. I topped it off with a layer of Out the Door Northern Lights (holographic glittered fast dry topcoat).
There we go. Just a little blinged up. This manicure lasted for about 4 days, which is usually longer than my attention span lasts for manicures. I got the first chip at the end of day 3, so it lasted really well. I'm going to keep my eye out for new Illamasqua colors, because I really liked the formula.


  1. I am practically drooling over some of the Illamasqua shades... but it's not available in Canada, and Sephora won't ship it... it's just a matter of time before I order from the company itself :) I just have to keep in mind they list the price in £ not $ :)

  2. Sephora won't ship nail polishes? I wonder if it's a customs issue (hazmat - they are flammable).

  3. I actually contacted them regarding this restriction, and they responded with an obvious pre-composed answer listing a whole bunch of reasons of why not (customs was one). Strangely they will ship Dior, NARS, and SOPI polishes though.

    Illamasqua has no problem shipping to Canada. But there is a huge difference between paying $14 US vs £13.50 per polish. They state they have no control over Sephora's restriction. They just supply them with their products and its Sephora's decision as to distribution.... sigh...

  4. Wow, that's a little... random!


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