Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

Oh My God. I can't tell you how excited I am for this collection. I've heard murmurings around the blogosphere for the past few weeks about this, and even caught a glimpse of some grainy pictures. But now, the fantastic Temptalia has pictures of the collection. I'm beyond excited.

I was born in the mid-70's. As a young child I was convinced that I WAS Wonder Woman. I loved her. I had the Underoos and used to wear them as a costume around the neighborhood. My mother was mortified. I would scoot around in my invisible plane with my indestructible bracelets and swing the golden Lasso of Truth. Christine from Temptalia also noted that there will be unveiling parties at MAC stores for this line, not unlike the Venomous Villains collection. Well, I hauled my butt over to the MAC store tonight to inquire about it. They weren't sure of the details, but promised to call me as soon as they did. I will be there.

Christine generously allowed me to repost her pictures. Please go to her post to see the whole collection. There's a bit of a debate in her comments about the packaging - mostly how cheap it looks and how they won't buy it. I have to disagree, I love it. It completely captures the comic book feel of the character. So, if there are people who don't want to buy it, then maybe it won't sell out as fast!

Lipglasses L-R: Emancipation, Wonder Woman, Athena's Kiss, Secret Identity

There's a lot in this collection that I want. The lipglasses are all Limited Edition, and will probably all come home with me. I'm not big on pigments or colored mascara, but some of the eyeshadow quads look funky. I will definitely be picking up the mirror because it's just cool. And, of course, there are nail polishes.

Nail Lacquer L-R: Obey Me, Spirit of Truth

Look at that packaging! It's awesome! These are not the most unique colors, but they will be mine nonetheless. Can you tell I'm excited for this? I'll post pictures from the unveiling party as soon as it happens.

The collection officially launches on February 10, 2011, but if you live near a MAC freestanding store, inquire about an unveiling party, these will most likely happen during the first week of February.

Do you love it, or will you pass?


  1. I'll definitely check out the polish... but don't know if I'll purchase. Like you said not the most unique shades.

  2. I love all the art design that gives this polish the look but I think mac polishes are expensive and tiny. I dont own any because of that.

  3. MAC polishes do tend to be pricey for what you get - but if you live near a Cosmetics Company Outlet, you can usually snag them for $8 or $9 (past collections, of course).


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