Monday, January 3, 2011

MAC Jeanius Collection

On March 3rd, MAC will be launching one of their gazillion collections for 2011, the Jeanius Collection. This one doesn't look to be too big, but there are some interesting elements in it.
Top Row: Diva in Distress, Motorhead
Bottom Row: Stove Pipe Black, White Jeanius


I think these eyeshadows are adorable. I love the jeans look, right down to the rivets. It does seem to look like the rivets are an overspray, as MAC has been doing recently (see a Tartan Tale) and doesn't go all the way down to the pan. While the designs are cute, I have tons of black/white/grey eyeshadows, and I'm past the age where blue is flattering on me. I'm not sure if I want to get one just for the design, but you never know.
Blushes: Overdyed and Pink Cult
The blushes don't wow me. The magenta is so bright and the pale pink is so light. I think I may pass.
Lipglasses: Painted On, Docile, Indigo Pink
The beige and light pink lipglasses don't move me, but that shimmery burgundy? Oh heck yeah.
Lipsticks: Acid Washed, Pretty Please, Riveting Rose
The lipsticks match the lipglasses. I think I tend to like the lipglasses better, again - I'll have to try them out in store. There are also eyebrow and liner pens. But, the part of the collection that sets my heart a pitter-pat.. oh yes - the nail polishes!
Nail Polishes: Biker Blue and Frayed-to-Order
Oh, look at the loveliness! Biker Blue is described as a black base with purple and blue pearl. And Frayed-to-Order is described as a matte white with a light pink duochrome. Oh yes, these two will be MINE! *insert evil laugh*

Anything strike your fancy?


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