Friday, January 14, 2011

I splurged

Yep. I splurged. Wanna hint?

I was in the mall tonight and somehow found myself in the Macy's Cosmetics department hovering near the Chanel counter. When I bought Chanel's Mat Lumiere foundation a few weeks ago, the sales associate gave me a sample of the gel formulation of their Hydramax + Active. I used every last drop in the sample that I was given. It smelled divine and kept my skin very hydrated. I only used it at night after I scrubbed my face clean. I have oily skin, so after cleaning my skin and stripping it of all the oils, I need to moisturize so that my skin doesn't overproduce oil to compensate. It can't be too creamy, because then it just sits on the skin and gets greasy. It can't be too light, because then it doesn't do what it is supposed to do, adequately hydrate my skin. This gel formulation is like baby bear's bed - it's just right.

They even wrapped it up all nice

I really think a sales associate makes all the difference. The Chanel sales associate at the Macy's counter is a very nice and very beautiful Russian lady. She's very generous with samples, and she even remembered me from a previous purchase.

Yes, it was a splurge, and I did mull over the purchase for at least 30 seconds. But I cannot resist the siren call of Chanel. Did I mention it smells divine?

The sales associate also showed me the photos for the Chanel Summer 2011. Yes, there is going to be a yellow nail polish. There have been pictures floating all around the interwebs showing a bright yellow nail polish. From the picture the SA showed me, the polish looks more like a golden-yellow with flecks of either glitter, flakes or shimmer. I don't look good with golden polishes, but I'm willing to give it a look-see. What I'm really looking forward to is a coral-colored Glossimer with golden flecks called Pensee. The info that the SA showed me said that it will start shipping at the beginning of April, for sale by the end of April.

January, and I'm discussing Summer collections..


  1. Oh my, I should not of read this because now I NEED this hahaha!

  2. Ha! I'm a big pushover for both a great smelling moisturizer and the double Cs.


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