Monday, January 24, 2011

Butter London Victoriana

I had this manicure last week.

Butter London Victoriana

Victoriana is from Butter London's Fall 2010 collection. I purchased mine at Ulta. This is a dusky, muted blue that is packed with dense silver shimmer. The polish itself is kind of thick, and nearly opaque in one coat. I did need a second coat to even it out. It looked great after two coats. It also wore like a champ. After 3 days I only saw some tipwear. That is, until I tried to remove a price tag from something and took a big old chip out of my thumb. At that point, I had to remove it.

Extreme closeup - shimmer shimmer shimmer

Even though it is packed with the glittery silver specks, it dries very smooth. I love Butter London's formula, and I even love their odd little rectangular bottles (they fit oh-so-nicely in my drawer, lined up like little soldiers).

Happy polishing!


  1. Oooh! I need to get it!! Such a pretty color and the shimmer oh well just perfect :), just found your blog and now I'm totally following you :) looking forward to stopping by often :D

  2. I love this colour - I just bought it myself! I have used one of your images on my blog (crediting you of course!) I hope you don't mind.


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