Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eagles and my Wildcard manicure

I'm a homer.
No, not that Homer, a home-team fan. I love my Philadelphia sports teams. Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, 76ers, I'll watch them all. When any of them are in the playoffs, there's extra excitement in the Lacquered Mom household. Even the spitfire will ignore Ben 10 long enough to cheer for a game.

Today, the Eagles play the Green Bay Packers in a wildcard match up. For the next 4 hours my butt will be plopped in front of my TV cheering, whistling and sometimes cursing at it. Of course I needed a wildcard manicure. Digging through my stash for appropriate greens I came up with Revlon's new Top Speed nail polish in Emerald. It's not dead-on Eagles green, but it's not Packers green.

Actually, the polish isn't that bad. It's a basic green creme. I used two coats, no base or top coat (as this will come off after the game, I'm not worried about shine or longevity). And true to its name, it dried fairly quickly. This pictures were taken not 20 minutes after tightening the cap.

If the Eagles win, I will be doing the same manicure next week. If they lose, I'm tossing it (not really, but I'll bury it in the waaaaaay back of the drawer). I could go on all day about sports, about the morality of rooting for Michael Vick, the inability of the secondary, whether Andy Reid should be driven out of this city, but I will just end with, "Let's go, Eagles!"

(At the time of typing, Vick has been sacked once and they've already gone 3 and out, let's home this gets better)


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