Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tronica - new holos from China Glaze!

My holo love runs deep. When I see a holographic polish, I must buy it. I'm wearing one right now (for a later post). I normally don't care if I own a similar color, I will still buy it.

Some of the better holos on the market are OMG and Kaleidoscope from China Glaze. The holographic glitter is so fine and creates a great multi-colored shimmer. I can't keep my eyes off my nails when I wear them. Love love love.

Come early next year, China Glaze is releasing a new, limited edition collection of holographic polishes called Tronica.

From the China Glaze site, there will be 12 new holographic colors:
  • Techno Teal – Turquoise Holographic
  • Virtual Violet – Violet Holographic
  • Electra Magnenta – Magenta Holographic
  • Gamer Glam – Purple Holographic
  • High Def -  Blue Holographic
  • Hologram -  Silver Holographic
  • Hyper Haute – Rasberry Holographic
  • 3D Fantasy – Peachy Pink Holographic
  • Digital Dawn – Dusty Rose Holographic
  • Cyberspace – Taupe Holographic
  • Mega Bite – Gold Holographic
  • Laser Lime – Lime Green Holographic
These will be available at BSG in January/February 2011 and March/April at Sally's Beauty Supply. I for one will be stalking Sally's waiting for this collection. And I will be buying up every single color. 

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