Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dollar store finds and my obsession with orange.

A few weeks ago I was wandering around the local dollar store. I don't know what led me in there, probably looking for cheap wrapping paper. But, like in any store, I wound up in the cosmetics aisle. There was the normal collection of brands I didn't recognize peppered with drugstore brands that were either overstocks or the packaging was a wee bit off - so on the $1 shelf they went. On that shopping trip I scored a few older Sally Hansen Prism polishes. I've already documented my love for holographic polishes, so of course I had to get the two that were there.

I found myself in the dollar store again earlier this week, to get a small toy for my son who was very well behaved at the dentist 10 minutes prior. He was unimpressed with the toys, but picked out some play-dough and bubble wrap (yes, bubble wrap. My 5 year old is *obsessed* with bubble wrap. He was more excited when he saw that then the toys!).

So, bubble wrap in hand we head to the cosmetics aisle. No Sally Hansen polishes this time, but they did have a few e.l.f. brushes and an assortment of L'Oreal HIP products. I know e.l.f. products are normally only $1, but there is no brick and mortar store around me that sells the brushes, so I decided to pick on up. I also picked up a L'Oreal HIP lipgloss in a shimmery orange color.

The e.l.f. brush is the defining eye brush, a small, angled brush. The bristles are soft and packed fairly well. These are by no means MAC brushes, but they are pretty good when your go-to brush is filled with dark green shadow that you just applied. Worth the $1. The bristles do look like they are beginning to shed, though.

Normally I like the L'Oreal HIP products. They really do pack a lot of pigment into them. I have a few of the loose powders, and a few of the shadows and I like them. I have never tried any of their lip products, so I wanted to try one of the glosses. This one called to me as it is orange. I love orange. Love, love, love. I had to get it.

Color 804 - Outspoken
The color is great. A bright orange with light orange shimmer. I was loving it. Then I took off the cap.

Uggggh! I hate these applicators. I prefer a slanted applicator on the squeeze-tube glosses. I can get over it, though.

I don't know why my skin looks so pink!
Being that it's a gloss, there's a decent amount of pigment and a whole lotta shimmer. With a cup of coffee, it lasted a wee bit over two hours on me. I like it. Most likely it will find its way into my purse or car and be an "Oh crap, I forgot lipstick, what do I have on me?" type of gloss. Again, worth the dollar! And it's orange, so it can't be all bad. Now I just need to find an orange nail polish that I really like.

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