Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day after Christmas haul

I have been waiting for Boxing Day. Today is the day that MAC released their two new collections, Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours and I was chomping at the bit for Cham-Pale. I got up nice and early, left the dearest and the spitfire sleeping and snuck out the door. Not only did I want to get in and out of the mall quickly, but I wanted to get back home before the huge blizzard covered the Mid-Atlantic region in brain-zapping snow. I don't know about you, but I'm OK driving in the snow - but it seems that everyone else loses their minds when crystallized water falls from the heavens.

I got to the MAC store minutes after the doors opened. I've read on some boards how MAC associates are hit-or-miss at various free-standing stores, but I have to tell you, the ones at my local store are more hit then miss. I know they're turning on the charm for sales, but the ones that I have dealt with are lovely, chatty and helpful, but also leave you alone when they know you're browsing and scoping. It's a pleasure to go in and shop. And shop I did. I took some Christmas money and jumped right in.

I picked up the two things I have been jonesing for - the Fix+ Lavender and the lighter Chromagraphic pencil, and also Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil, I Get No Kick Kohl Pencil and Straight To The Head Lipgelee. I also picked up Dark Diversion Fluidline from the Stylishly Yours collection. I also make a quick side trip to the Chanel counter at Nordstom's and picked up the Chanel Nakkar Glossimer after seeing it on Cafe Makeup.

Here it is all boxed up. Not a huge haul, but it was good enough to make me smile the rest of the day.

Top to Bottom: Feline, I Get No Kick, Chromagraphic pencil

Feline is just about the deepest darkest blackest black pencil around. It is deeper than Urban Decay 24/7 Zero pencil. MAC should just make this one permanent. I debated picking up two, but they seem to repromote it enough that by the time I run out, it should be coming around again soon. I Get No Kick is a shimmery champagne colored pencil. It will be great for brightening up my lower lash line when I'm looking a bit less then fully rested.
Straight To The Head

I like the lipgelees. I jumped on Resort Life when it came out with the Venomous Villains collection and I wear it often. I love the multi-dimensional shimmer that is packed into these glosses. They are thicker than the Lipglasses, and just as sticky, but I'm not bothered by sticky lip colors. And, of course, it has that distinctive sweet vanilla scent that all MAC lip products have. Straight To The Head is a bronze gloss with lots of shimmer. For a gloss, it's fairly opaque. This one will go into high rotation.

Dark Diversion Fluidline

This is the best burgundy/plum gel liner. Fluidline applies so smooth and is so pigmented, they are great additions to the eye repertoire.
Fix + Lavender
I have read the that Fix+ Lavender has a bit of a masculine scent, and I have to agree, but I enjoy the scent, and will get quite a bit of use out of this.

Chanel Glossimer 149 - Nakkar

After the MAC outing, I hovered around the Chanel counter drooling over the Spring 2011 collection. This little number just called to me. It is a rosy, strawberry pink with flecks of gold shimmer.
Look at those gold flecks - they drew me in

The shimmer called out to me, "Buy me, Buy me!". Who am I to argue with Chanel? This looks bright in the tube, but is quite flattering on. This would compliment many different skin tones.

It was a very productive morning. And after a few stops, I was home before noon and more importantly, before the impending doom of the Nor'easter that is blasting outside my window as I write this.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!


  1. that shimmer is so pretty on your lips! I love it!

  2. Thank you! If there's a lip color with shimmer, I am attracted to it like metal to a magnet!

  3. I'm looking forward to Chanel, but I'm passing on MAC... nothing is calling my name...hmmm I wonder if that mean I have too much stuff already :)

  4. I love Chanel lip glosses, unfortunately I have a really bad allergic reaction to them. :( My lips start to itch, then the next day they are peeling and cracking so bad I can't wear anything on them at all. It's a pity because some of the glosses Chanel has are so beautiful!

  5. Carina - oh no! Hey, at least it saves you a bit of pocket change! I did find (in my opinion) that the second Glossimer that Chanel released for Spring is very close to the lighter lipgelees that MAC just released with Cham-Pale, though. I did a quick side-by-side with my Resort Life (which is very similar to the two lightest lipgelees) and it was very similar.


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