Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Essie spotted at Walmart

I was walking through Walmart today looking for some slippers for me and checking out the Ben 10 toys for the spitfire. When I have to go into Walmart, I'll usually take a walk over to the cosmetics to see what's out. On a rear endcap, I spot a HUGE Essie display.

I knew Essie was was going to be sold at mass marketers come next year, so it looks like they launched a bit early.

I think it's a few weeks early.

They were retailing for $7.37 (why does Walmart always have strange prices?), and they look like they are the colors that Essie has been selling.

Merino Cool and Sew Psyched
Sorry for the blurry pics, it was from my iPhone.

The bottles are the same size and shape, with the embossed "essie" on the side, but these also have screen-printed  lettering on them as well. I didn't pick any up, because, well, I'm not a big fan of Essie's formula, and I can't imagine that it is better now that it is being sold at mass market outlets. Maybe I'll pick one up next time I'm there.


  1. I love Essie and the packaging is ok. Ill pick it up if they have a sale!

  2. Maybe it's just me, but the formula always feels so very thick when I apply it. I may just have to go back and grab one to see if the formula is any different.

  3. Oh...Walmart? Really? The essie bottles I have don't have essie in white. It's raised on the glass. I wonder if it's so that essie can distinguish where it's been sold/who carries it?

  4. Carina - Essie made an announcement a few weeks back that they would be going to mass market retailers (like Walmart). I'm guessing that this redesign of the bottle has been in effect since they were bought by L'Oreal earlier this year.


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