Friday, December 17, 2010

Best lip balm - and it's orange!

I'm not a lip balm kinda girl. I like color on my lips - be it lip gloss or lipstick, I like color. Not flashy, but at least something shiny. However, when I'm working from home and still in my pajamas, that's not full-on lipstick time. Today, for example, it is bitterly cold and windy and of course my dog wanted to go out at least four times before noon. After that first walk my lips were cracked and awful.

So out comes my trusty little Eos egg.

My orange (well, Tangerine, close enough) Eos lip balm. It smells great, like tangerine, but has no taste. They also had lemon drop, passion fruit and mint. It's very moisturizing and kept my lips feeling great in the bitter wind for my 18395476 walks with my dog today.

I love this stuff!

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