Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom

So, Sally Hansen has a new line of polishes out called Nailgrowth Miracle. The display was full of neutrals, pinks, plums and some browns and one solitary green. So, I decided to pick up the green.

The color is Gentle Blossom, and I purchased this one at CVS. It is a pastel green with silver shimmer. I like the Sally Hansen polishes, they come in a variety of formulations and lots of fun colors. I also really like the broad, flat brush that comes with this polish:

The polish itself seemed to be on the thicker side, but I had no problems applying it. I used 3 coats over Orly Bonder, followed with a topcoat of Out The Door. I don't have Chanel Jade, but from everything that I have read, this isn't a dupe for it.

I tried to capture the silver shimmer.

This isn't a bad polish. However, it's coming off tonight. I have come to the realization that pastel colors just don't look good on my hands, especially in the dead of winter. Maybe during the summertime, or on my toes, but I just don't like the look on my hands.

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