Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holo love

I will admit it, I love holographic nail polishes. If I see a holo in a store, it ends up in my basket. I have a few Nfu-Oh holos, I even searched out the old China Glaze OMG collection on eBay recently. I love them. The more holographic, the better.

Wandering through my local CVS recently, I notice a display of OPI with one bottle that looks out of place. In the display of black-capped polishes I noticed one silver-capped one. I immediately recognized it as the OPI Designer Series line. This one was Sapphire - a pale blue holographic color. Being as I'm enthralled by shiny things, it hopped into my basket.

Application was typical for OPI. It had a broad brush and applied evenly in three thin coats. I may have been able to get by with two coats, but I went for the third anyway. I used the Nfu-Oh Aqua Base as a base coat, as I do now with all my holo polishes.

It is very hard to capture the shininess of this polish in pictures - so I'll try with a boat load of them!

I tried rotating my fingers to capture the colors

Outside it is rainy and dreary, so I tried a shot out there.

The colors tend to dull in the shade do a simple pale blue with shimmer, but in the sun, or with a bright light, it looks really cool. These nails are dangerous during the daytime, because I find myself admiring the shiny colors in bright sun, while I'm driving!

I blurred the closeup shot to try and capture all of the colors, and because I couldn't get a clear, crisp shot.

Of all the holos I own, the Nfu-Ohs are the most glittery and make the most delineated holographic line, but this OPI one comes in a pretty good second.


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