Sunday, June 19, 2011

Revlon Just Tinted - Victorian

Sometimes this blog makes me do odd things. Like buy things that I know I won't like simply to take pictures of them and share them. Take Revlon's new Just Tinted line. I don't like overly sheer polishes. I do like the occasional jelly, as long as I can build it up to a nice squishy opacity in 4 coats or less - and even 4 is pushing it. Yet, I buy this polish, albeit a very lovely color, where 3 coats forms a very, very visible nail line.

So, I think, let's try it with different base and top coats! yeah!

The color is nice. Victorian is a bright, slightly peachy pink. The polish is very watery, but it actually stays where you put it.  For the pictures I used Orly Bonder on my pointer and middle finger, and Orly ridge filler on my ring and pinky finger. I thought the ridge filler would add a bit of a colored base so that the VNL wouldn't be so visible. Then, because it dries to a semi-matte, I used a shiny topcoat on the pointer and ring finger.

Please ignore the lovely dent in the pinky, I rushed the picture.

As you can see, the nail lines are very visible. The ridge filler helps only a slightly.

Just for the heck of it, I used an opaque white nail polish as a base on my thumb. The completely eliminated the VNL, but, as least for me, made the edges hard to cover.

In the end, I won't buy the other colors in the collection, and I'll probably shove this one into the back of my drawer and forget about it for a few years.


  1. I like the color and I like a sheer polish every once in awhile. I think it looks nice :)

    I had to laugh at the line about buying stuff you know you won't like for the blog. I'm guilty of that too, haha.

  2. I have had so many issues with Revlon polishes, dry time, thickness, etc... but I really like the fast dry top coat. It's not that bad for drug store kind.


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