Friday, June 24, 2011

Chanel Illusions d'Ombre Peridot Le Vernis

First up in my trio de Chanel is Peridot. Of the three, this one is my favorite, and one that I will see wearing over and over, despite the brushstrokes. Let me apologize for the following images, the duocrome of this added with the metallic finish was playing tricks with my camera.

With Flash

If you're looking for a green polish, keep on going. Yes, this polish does flash green in some lights, but it is a deep warm gold on the nails. What you do see, which I tried to capture on film, is a great green halo around the nail.

No flash, and a wee bit of color correction

Formula was typical Chanel, small brush, great formula, unique color. I couldn't find any comparisons in my stash. However, as I've mentioned before, you do see brushstrokes. That wasn't enough to deter me from wearing it.

You will see flashes of green as  you move your fingers around and play with the light. But you will mostly see gold.

I adore this color.

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