Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am officially done with the shatters - OPI blue shatter

I've given in, I'm caving, calling uncle. I'm done with the shatters. I still like black, and will still put it on at then end of the manicure lifespan, but I am not buying anymore.

When the blue shatters appeared in my local Ulta recently, I grabbed Blue Shatter (I wanted Navy, but it was sold out). As my Bikini Bottom sandwich manicure was beginning to chip, I applied the shatter coat. I'm getting good at applying the shatter coats so that they shatter nicely. However, I don't think there was enough contrast here to look interesting.

I also don't really enjoy the shimmery shatter. I like the creme shatters. I know the Navy shatter is a jelly, but honestly, I've over it already. If you like shimmery blue shatters - go for it. I have a feeling this trend may be coming to a close soon.

Now, the upcoming Chanel Fall lacquers? Oh Good God, I don't know if I can wait. My debit card is already getting the itchy feeling.


  1. I actually kind of hope it does come to a close,because there are so many other nail polish companies that are starting to saturate the market with their own version of Shatter. Pure Ice even has a new shatter line at Walgreens. I don't even like the China Glaze crackle cremes I bought,but if I add thinner they will work better. I want the metallic Crackle but I am afraid I won't use it. I really just want a Turquiose shimmer like OPI's or the one by Nicole that comes out in July.

  2. Yes - the market is quite saturated. I liked the original black. I actually like the CnG light blue shatter, but then things turned, quickly. The Sally Hansen ones are complete crap.

    I do know I'll be passing on the metallic crackles, as I know I won't use it!


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