Saturday, March 26, 2011

I do love a deal!

Up until now I've been resisting the Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush. The hearts are cute, but I already have the Stila heart blush compact, so do I really need another one? Of course, the answer is yes. I have my doubts over whether a blush will better your mood, but the hearts are cute to look at. As I was in CVS the other day, I noticed that all Physician's Formula cosmetics were on sale for 40% off. Not only that, but their Happy Booster blushes had a $3.00 off sticker on them, and their bronzers all had a $4.00 off sticker on them. How do I pass that up? Well, actually, I don't.

Two compacts for $10.00, I'm sorry, you can't beat that! The Blush is Rose, and has various shades of pinky pink in it that all come together as a light, bright pink. It looks very cute in the pan. The compact is on the thick side, because the middle section with the pan flips up to reveal a brush and mirror. The brush itself will be good in a pinch, not the best, but it will transfer color if necessary.

I also picked up a bronzer. I currently have NARS Laguna, which I like, but I thought I'd try out another color. This one is Light Bronze, and, like the blush, had a series of bronze shades that will all come together in a nice color. This one also has the flip up pan to reveal a brush and mirror, and it's the same barely useful brush.

 Both look good on the back of my hand, and I really like how the bronzer looks on my face. The Rose blush, on the other hand, is a wee bit frosty, so I will have to use with caution as to not look like a 1980's holdback.

All-in-all, great deal for these items!

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