Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dior Rock Your Nails swatches

Dior just came out with a new set of nail lacquers called the Rock Your Nails collection. Being that I love Dior's formula and adore their brushes, I knew I had to go for this collection. This collection has 5 new colors and a new Rock Coat, which is a shimmery deep top coat to give any nail color a smokey, shimmery change.

L-R: Blue Label, Nirvana, Purple Mix, Underground, Rock Coat

I grabbed 4 of the 5 new colors and the Rock Coat at Nordstrom. The 5th color was a dark gray, and, frankly, it just didn't jump out to me. Of the colors I bought, I swatched one color on each nail of my left hand. Then I went back and added a coat of Rock Coat. I have them side-by-side to see the difference.

Left: Blue Label plain, Right: Blue Label with Rock Coat

Blue Label is a very nice navy blue. The base color has the tiniest bit of micro shimmer in it - you have to look really hard to see it, but it's there. When it dries it does look like a deep blue creme. In fact, all of the colors have the subtle micro-shimmer but dry down to a creme finish - unless you look very closely. The Rock Coat on top of Blue Label made it ever so slightly darker and a bit more shimmery.

Left: messy Nirvana alone, Right: still very messy Nirvana with Rock Coat

Nirvana is a lovely turquoise creme again with the very subtle micro-shimmer. Nirvana looked the best with the Rock Coat, if you excuse the messy application (which was all my fault, not the fault of the polish. I wasn't working on a flat surface and just trying to get color on my nails). The color on its own is nice, but really, really benefits from the top coat.

Left: Purple Mix alone, Right: Purple Mix with Rock Coat

Purple Mix is.. well.. purple! I can't pass up a purple. Rock Coat make it look smoky and shimmery. I also really liked this pairing. I like the base color, as I think it would be a nice spring/summer color. Add the top coat and it just makes it look sultry.

Left: Underground alone, Right: Underground with Rock Coat

Underground is a dark brown. This one didn't change too much with the addition of Rock Coat. Don't let the pictures fool you, I had to get a bad angle to get the abundance of shimmer with the addition of Rock Coat. It didn't make the color much darker, because it was dark to begin with, but you can see the shimmer of the Rock Coat the best with this combination. All of the Dior polishes that I tried from this collection has the same great formula and brush. Nearly opaque in the first coat, and the second coat makes it look great.

Here's a picture of Rock Coat on bare nail to give you an idea of this interesting top coat:

Rock Coat alone

It's very sheer with a nice amount of shimmer. I would imagine that it wouldn't work too well on very light colors - it would just look muddy and streaky, but on shades like Nirvana and Purple Mix it works very well. I think, like the shatter top coats, this may be fun on day 2 or 3 of your manicure when you're beginning to bet bored with the color, add a top coat of this and you have a new, interesting manicure!


  1. I saw these in my Nordstrom catalogue a couple of weeks ago...I was debating on getting them. I like how they look on you. I may have to get a few. :D

  2. If I had to pick just one - I would probably get Purple Mix - but then again, I'm a sucker for purple!


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