Monday, March 28, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Glitter In the Air

I make no bones about my love for Deborah Lippmann polishes. Each one that I have tried, I've loved. So, it would make sense that I would eventually purchase Glitter In the Air. This polish is a mix of tiny square and larger hex glitter in pink and blue suspended in a pale sky blue jelly. I've seen lots of mixed reviews on this polish, but Lippmann does glitter polishes right.

Now, I have to admit, this color alone wasn't that thrilling. It is VERY sheer, and it's a bit of work to get the glitter positioned properly as you'll end up with very thick coats. So, to fix this I used two coats of Hard Candy Sky (pale blue polish with a very subtle blue shimmer - so subtle that you can barely see it on the nail) and then two coats of GITA, very carefully placed on my nail to show off the glitter.

I liked the sparse look of the glitter over the opaque blue. Next time I may try it over a white, however, the Hard Candy Sky was such a pain to get smooth, that I may just save it to use under GITA.  I do like this manicure, and I have to say it lasted very well. I applied this on Saturday morning and today I'm just starting to get the slightest of tipwear. I think if you're looking for a subtle glitter manicure (does a subtle glitter manicure exist??) you can simply use two coats of GITA over a nice base coat and with a good topcoat. Another winner for Deborah Lippmann.

I never really liked the Pink song this is named after, but I do like Pink in general. She's from the Philly area (suburbs, actually) and actually has some fun songs. I just don't care for this one. She did one hell of a performance at the Grammies last year, though.


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