Tuesday, March 1, 2011

China Glaze Tronica

On my way to go pick up dinner tonight, I stopped into Sally's (which is conveniently on the way!) and finally, I saw the Tronica display. They did have all the colors there, but I settled on three. Here, I have two of them and their counterparts from the OMG collection to show the differences.

The colors in the Tronica collection, so far, exactly match the ones in the OMG collection. The only difference is the way the holographic glitter reflects. Tronica's holographic glitter is more of a very fine scattered holo while the holographic glitter in the OMG collection is a very fine linear holographic effect. While I don't own any of the Kaleidoscope collection from China Glaze, from what I have seen online it also seems more of a linear holographic effect, but the glitter pieces are more chunky than OMG.

So... on to the comparison shots!

First up is Virtual Violet. This one is a dark purple. I do have a weakness for this color. I love purple nail polishes. If you enlarge the picture, you can see that the holographic glitter doesn't make that delineated line that the OMGs make. It's scattered. I do like the effect, although I do like the linear holos a wee bit better. Here's the comparison shot with it's OMG counterpart - LOL:

I have the middle and pinky finger in LOL and the pointer and ring in VV. They are the same color, just how the glitter reflects is different. Here's a closeup:

The next color I tried is Hyper Haute.

It's a magenta polish, and again, you can see the scattered holographic glitter in this one. Here's how it compared to its OMG counterpart - QT:

Honestly, QT is one of the least linear of the OMG collection (GR8, the gold one, being the least),  but you can still see the difference. Here's a closeup:

In reference to the formula, it's typical China Glaze. It's thin, but not watery and goes on nice and opaque. All of the pictures you see here, Tronica and OMG, are all two coats with no base or top coat. I do love China Glaze's formula. It's easy to apply, not gloppy at all.

My suggestion - obviously if you're a collector, you're going to grab these. If you have all or most of the OMG collection, you can easily pass on this one. If you missed out on the OMG collection and don't feel like paying eBay prices, I say go for this collection. It is very nice, but you will not get that linear holographic effect. I bought these two because I wanted a comparison, and these were my favorite colors of the collection. I also bought the silver one because I don't have the OMG counterpart.

So, will you be indulging?


  1. Guess I'll go check me Sally's too since I also don't have the OMGees!

  2. They're nice polishes.. I may go back and grab a few more colors just because.

  3. They are gorgeous! Since I do not own anything from the OMG or Kaleidoscope collection I will definitely try some of the Tronica collection (once for sale in Europe though...can't wait!)

  4. Those are lovely! If only polishes were as cheap here as they are in the US. :(

    P.S. Love your blog so I'm following you :D

  5. Oh, no, hopefully you won't have to pay sky-high prices in Europe!


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