Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Kontagious Koral Nail Lacquer

This season, Nieman Marcus's Fashion Designer, Ken Downing, teamed up with Le Metier de Beaute to create a very lovey coral nail polish/lipstick duo. Le Metier de Beaute has never really been on my radar, until I read Elvira's post at Pink Sith all about this polish. I fully blame her for making me want this polish and subsequently going out specifically to purchase it.

One of the reasons Le Metier de Beaute has never been on my have-to-have-NOW list is because their nail polishes are always so expensive and small. Now, I'm not opposed to dropping bucks on awesome polish, in fact, I may just have a problem, however lMdB are just so TINY. 4ml tiny. However, this one is nearly 3 times that amount, 11.3ml, for only a few dollars more.

None of the colors had appealed to me before this one, either. Kontagious Koral (I'll let Ken slide on the silly K names) it is a beautiful red leaning coral. In some lights it looks dead on red, and in others you can definitely see the orange undertones. I keep staring at my nails.

The real beauty of this polish, aside from the color, is the formula. It was one of the nicest formulas I have ever put on my nails. It was thin, but not watery, applied evenly, but it did need 3 coats to be nice and opaque. And shiny, oh is this shiny. The pictures above are without a topcoat and they're still shiny shiny shiny. One of my nails did bubble a little bit, I have found when I put polish on a bare nail that happens, I have yet to experiment with base/top coats.

I love this polish. Love. I'm actually debating buying a backup, however with the amount of polishes I own, I don't think that would be necessary. My suggestion? Run, don't walk to get this polish. And if you run into Ken Downing on the way, give him a big wet kiss for me.


  1. oh how I wish lMdB was available in Toronto... I own one bottle (one of the tiny ones), absolutely adore the color, but the shipping was as much as the polish itself.. too much to justify repeat purchases...

  2. YAY!!! I'm so glad I was able to create a lemming! That polish looks beautiful on you. I'm wearing as a pedi right now. i think it might be the perfect pedi color! LOL

  3. @Lucy - you folks in the Great White North have some issues with polish!

    @Elvira - reading your blog causes some stress in my wallet! We have the same skin, and, apparently, the same likes!


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