Monday, July 11, 2011

Dior Vernis 671 Graphic Berry

Ok. It is going to pain me to write this. I did not like Dior Vernis Graphic Berry. I normally love Dior polishes. They have a great brush, lovely colors, great application, but unfortunately this polish only had one of the three.

I do love the color. It is a deep fuchsia color that is quite shiny on the nails. However, that's where my love of this polish stops. To begin with, the brush, which I normally adore, was a bit wonky and I had to try very hard to get a nice even line.

Second, the formula was very thick and blotchy, very unlike the other Dior polishes I have. The first coat went on horribly. It was thick in spots, streaky in others and simply would not flow nicely on the nail. It made trying to get a nice thin, even coat very hard. I needed quite a bit on the brush - more than I'm comfortable with - to actually cover the entire nail, and as you can see, I have little nubbins.

I actually had to do this manicure twice to get it looking somewhat decent. Normally, using Diors are a joy, this time it was a chore. It's quite a shame, too, because I do like the color.

I'm actually hoping this was just a fluke with the bottle I received. I'm actually going to return this one as I will never use it again, and if I'm going to spend $21 on a bottle of nail polish, I want to be able to use it more than once.

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