Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick review and swatches

Dior has recently revamped and relaunched their Addict line of Lipsticks. This newest incarnation is said to have 25% less wax and contain a reflecting gel to make the formula extremely smooth and shiny. Does it live up to these new claims?

The ad campaign features a very lovely Kate Moss sporting some extreme winged eyeliner. Because j'adore Dior (heh) lip products, I knew I would have to try some of these. During a recent Nordstroms visit, I nabbed two of these lovlies.

I picked up 750 - Rock N Roll and 881 - Fashion week. They have the same casing, with a cylindrical shaped product rather than a bullet-shaped one. One issue I do have is with that bulb on the end of the tube. It makes it near impossible to store my Dior lipsticks label side up - because they wobble - but I can deal with this inconvenience.

Top - 881 Fashion Week, Bottom - 750 Rock N Roll

These lipsticks to go on sheer. Some colors are more sheer than others. I was looking for ones that were more on the sheer side, and I succeeded.

Fashion Week is a sheer plum with a subtle shimmer. The first picture shows the product that is more true to color, the second picture is to show the shimmer.

Rock N Roll is a sheer orangey red. I can't pull off red very well, but when it's sheer and with a tinge of orange, I think I can handle that one.

Pigmentation was surprisingly good for lipsticks that are sheer. The texture of the lipstick is exactly what they say it is, soft and creamy. It glides on and shines very nicely. The color does fade quicker than normal lipsticks. I got a little over 2 hours for this, where I get a little over 3 hours for some of the nicer formulas of lipsticks (I tend to rub my lips together a lot, other people get longer wear out of lipsticks).

Dior nailed this one. I have plans to collect more of the line as I think these are great for spring and summer lips - pigmented, but still sheer and shiny. They retail for $28, and are well worth it.

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  1. These look lovely on you! I will need to check them out!


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