Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chanel Summer collection Bronze Corail

I'm not one for bronzers. I'm naturally fairly pale, and I tend to keep that paleness throughout the summertime thanks to loads of SPF. I've tried bronzers before, and they usually end up looking muddy on me. And if I tried using them all over, I'd end up looking like a reject from Jersey Shore. So, I usually end up not buying them. Chanel's new bronzer - Bronze Corail - spoke to me. It said, "buy me... buy me now.. I am different, you will see!"

Of course, I'm never one to deny the siren call of Chanel. But, you may ask, what is the difference between this and every other bronzer out there? Well, this bronzer is made up of 4 different shades that can be swirled together for a lovely effect.

The bottom stripe is a very lovely coral color. My monitor is making it show up as somewhat pinkish, but trust me, it is coral. The top two colors are slightly shimmery, but not overwhelmingly so, just enough. And the wide, flat brush is surprisingly useful, although I would probably still prefer to use a regular blush brush. The compact itself is nice and solid. I also love that the iconic Cs are gold instead of the typical white.

You can use the top two as almost a highlighter, closer to the top of the cheekbones, while the bottom two can be use together on the apples of the cheeks. I actually prefer to swirl all four colors together and use as a blush. It gives a lovely, peachy-tan glow to the cheeks - not quite bronzer, but not quite blush. I actually had people tell me that I am glowing when I wear this (although, to be honest, once people see my growing belly, they automatically say I'm glowing).

The top of the photo shows the 4 individual colors. All 4 are swirled underneath.

I love this bronzer. I have been using this every day since buying it. I think this will gets lots and lots of summer usage.

Up next - Chanel summer eyes.. eeeeeee


  1. So pretty!!! I need to go to the Chanel counter and check out this new stuff!

  2. damn you blogger...I had an awesome reply written out and it ate it. :(

  3. @Tracy - this summer collection is one of the nicest I've seen. I literally wanted everything in it, but had to stop myself. I MAY go back for the eyeliner, but I'm not sure yet.

    @Carina - I do know blogger has been acting up recently, eating posts and whatnot. I should just suck it up and get my own domain.. heh.


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