Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chanel Summer collection Lilium eye quad

Next in line for my Chanel summer review - Lilium eye shadow quad. The colors in this quad are not your typical "summer" type colors, but it is a very nice break from the sea of brights usually slated for summer. The colors are pigmented, but not too dark.

The eyeshadows in the Chanel quad can be used wet or dry. However, I so very rarely use wet/dry products wet. I don't know if it's because I'm afraid they'll crease, or simply because I don't like the feel of damp products on my eyelids - I just use 'em all dry.

The four coordinating colors are actually light and shimmery. The darker green in the upper right hand corner isn't as dark on the eye as you would think. It makes a great contour right at the lash line and directly below. I would guess if I were to use any of the colors wet, I would maybe use that color wet right along the lashline.

The two colors on the left, the shimmery pale pink and the shimmery light lime, are very lovely as an all-over color wash. And the taupe in the lower right-hand corner is my favorite of the quad. Like Elvira of Pink Sith, I, too, am a complete sucker for a lovely taupe eyeshadow.

I do think these would work better on lighter skintones, and I'm on the paler side (NC25 at the most), so I really like how these look on my skin. I do love this quad. In fact, I loved most of this summer collection and had to stop myself from buying the entire collection.

One more Chanel review to go - mascara...

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