Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nfu-Oh 64

Ahhh, my trusty holos. Whenever I'm bored with my stash (which shouldn't be, considering I have well over 200 polishes) I pull out one of my trusty holos and all is right in the universe.

No flash (and funny orange skin)
With flash to capture the rainbow of colors

Anyone who has read this blog knows my love for holos. I love the way it dances in the light and throws off a rainbow of colors. I do tend to prefer the fine-grained linear holographics, meaning that it forms a line of color along the nail. If you look in the flash picture above, you can see the distinct lines of rainbow colors from the holographic glitter. A scattered holo is just that, it forms a scattered effect. 
The other thing I have noticed about this particular brand is that it does not look very holographic in the bottle. Many of the older OPIs and the China Glaze OMG collections show a very visible linear holo effect while still in the bottle. Looking at the Nfu-Ohs it may seem that they would end up being scattered or *gulp* duds. However, that is absolutely not the case as they form some of the best holos around.

No flash - and freaky orange skin is back

The Nfu-Oh holos aren't without their problems. They are on the thick side, and application isn't the smoothest. If you're not careful it will form some massive bald spots. Using Nfu-Oh's Aqua Base does help a bit for that. I only used two coats for this one, but I did go slower than usual and really took my time. I actually had to re-do a few nails because my application was horrendous. In the end, it was all worth it. I love looking at my nails out in the sunlight.

OPI Black Shatter with Northern Lights topcoat

Yeah, you knew I had to put a shatter coat on top of it! They look so good on top of holos!

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  1. I love holos too!!! the last photo looks like shatter on top of teenage dream!


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