Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too Faced Romantic Eye

I don't own many cosmetics in the Too Faced line. Honestly, there just wasn't anything that tickled my fancy, until I saw the Naked, Natural and Smoky eye palettes. I settled on the Natural Eye palette and I loved it. When I read that they were coming out with a new 9-color palette, I waited patiently until it was released. Finally, I saw it on Sephora's website and jumped on it.

Romantic Eye palette

This palette has the same layout of the other 9-color palettes, 3 rows of eyeshadows with a large light color, a smaller medium and dark color. Each row is separated out into Day colors, Classic colors and Fashion colors.

The colors in each row are meant to be worn together, but the fashion police won't come after you if you use the base from the bottom row with the crease and lid color of the top rows. All of these colors lean towards the cool side, however are very wearable on my warm skin. And like the other palettes, Romantic Eye comes with three "look" cards jammed into the lid.

The colors are very nicely pigmented. Some of the matte shades are a bit chalky and need to be built up to get a nice, even color. The shimmers are all very nice. I did find that the color "Soulmates" (the large color in the first row) was VERY soft. When I went to swatch it, I took a large chunk of color out without too much pressure. So take care with the colors as they can be soft.

Day colors
Classic colors

Fashion colors

I'm very happy with this purchase, and for $35 for the palette, it's not a bad price. I've had this for about a month now and I have used it quite a bit. I also have the Natural Eye palette, and this one has one very large advantage over the previous three that were released:

The size! Too Faced have decided to get rid of the silly cardboard drawer that held the completely useless brush. The palette itself still has the floppy, magnetic lid, but it is now significantly slimmer and less bulky. I do love that upgrade.

I would definitely recommend this palette.

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