Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

I've jumped on the sticker manicure bandwagon. I had a coupon for $2.00 any Sally Hansen product and Walgreens was having a buy 1 get 1 50% off, so all the stars lined up and I gave in. I bought two packs of the Salon Effects nail stickers, one of which is called Fly With Me, and it is multicolored butterflies on a white background.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in Fly with Me - day 1

I'm most definitely not a butterfly kind of person, but a lot of the designs were sold out, and I really didn't want a plain creme or a plain glitter, so I grabbed this one. The strips are easy enough to put on, albeit a bit tedious. The sized were strange, there was one very narrow strip, a bunch of closely sized medium ones and two large ones per hand. I did have to do a bit of trimming. They do give you 6 extras, so if you mess up you have a cushion. Along with the 16 stickers, the kit comes with a mini orange stick and a mini file. The file is a buffer on one side and a dual file (very fine grit/fine grit) on the other. You place the sticker at the base of your nail and then gently stretch it to cover the entire nail. You smooth the sticker over the end of the nail and use the file to file away the excess sticker. Then, you take the buffing end and buff the sticker over the entire nail to ensure a good adhesion to the nail.

Closeup - day 1
I do have to say, I couldn't stop staring at my nails, they were really fun to look at. I got tons of compliments and comments on my nails, more than any other manicure I've ever had on my nails. They are quite fun. And boy, do they last! I did have a problem with my left pointer finger. One corner refused to stick, so I lifted it ever so gently, put a dollop of a clear top coat on my nail and then put the sticker back down on it. Once that dried, I buffed it out and it was fine.

Manicure on day 5
I kept these on over a weekend where we were demo-ing our bathroom in the basement, and they still looked good. After 5 days on my nails I had a couple of ships and some pretty nice tip wear on my right pinky finger. It lasts long for a single manicure. It comes off with nail polish remover like any other manicure, unless, of course, you're mildly OCD like me and end up picking it all off. I know it's bad for my nails, but oh my it is so satisfying!

Closeup of manicure on day 5 - some good tip wear there
All-in-all, this was fun manicure. I have another set and I'll use them next week when I go to my annual pajama Oscar party (The neighbors all gather at one of our houses in our pajamas and watch the Oscars with many bottles of wine).

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  1. this mani is just too cute... and your Oscar party sounds like fun... I think I might have one of my own lol


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