Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sephora by OPI - Hell To The No

Ok, I have a confession. I don't watch Glee. I have never watched a single second of it, which is surprising, because I adore Jane Lynch. However, it just doesn't interest me. So, when SOPI announced they were coming out with their Glee line, I thought - meh.

Well, I actually saw the line in Sephora the other day, and my initial conclusion of "meh" still stands. However, one did stand out to me as unique, so I grabbed it. The color is called Hell To The No (no idea how that fits into the show) and it's a great bright purple color with a nice amount of fine golden/copper shimmer all throughout.

Hell To The No - no flash

The color is a little deeper than in the picture, but not too much. I love the shimmer, how the gold is a little unexpected in a purple polish. What I didn't like? The formula. It was a bit thick and gloppy. I wasn't very happy with how it went on my nails. These pictures are two very thick coats with a topcoat of Seche Vite. Even after it dried, it felt thick, almost like I had applied many many coats and let them dry. I have another SOPI color - 212 - and it's not nearly as thick as this one.

no flash

I really like the color, so I think I will keep this one. However, if you're not completely sold on the color, I'd just move on.


  1. I love purple! But I have an OPI ban in effect. :( I am tempted to purchase, but not swatch the colors. How sad am I?

  2. I'm loving the gold shimmer in this color... pretty :)


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