Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss

Lip stains are the current wonder product. There are a wide range of lip stains out on the market right now. I have tried the marker-type stains and I don't like them. Yes, I love the color staying on all day, but it actually looks like I grabbed the spitfire's markers and colored my lips.  So, now two companies (one high end, and one drugstore) have come up with a stain/gloss hybrid. YSL has their own for $32, and Maybelline has theirs for $7-8, depending on where you buy it. Yeah - I'm going for the more budget-friendly one.

I will say right off the bat, I have not tried the YSL one, so I don't know how this compares to it. From the Maybelline Website, it says:

Why You'll Love It

The first 10HR Stain Gloss:
• Vibrant and shiny wear; never flat
• Feels fresh all day, never dry.
• Glides on wet and smooth, never drags
• Shine enhancing formula provides a lightweight layer of lasting color

Some of those claims hold up, some don't. First up, the wand. It's kind of cool - it's donut shaped and actually holds a little reservoir of color within it.
It does glide on easily and smoothly, with no drag - that clam is good. The formula, like most stains, is very thin. It's not runny, but it is thin so you will need to go slowly and take care when applying as you can very easily go outside the lip lines. It has a very strong synthetic fruit punch smell, so if you are sensitive to smells, I would be pass on this one. It does dissipate quickly, though and has no taste, but putting it on, especially a product that goes directly under your nose, it's quite strong.

I grabbed two colors:

The coral is not very coral-colored, but a mauvey-pink, and the mauve color is a light burgandy. Yeah, so the naming of the colors is a wee bit off. Cool Coral is listed as color 150 and Mauve Dream is listed as 180. Don't get me wrong, I like the colors, but they're nothing like how they are named. They do go on very shiny, and they stay quite shiny for awhile, but then it begins to dull around the two hour mark. So the claim of vibrant and shiny wear, never dull is half correct. It goes on vibrant and shiny, and stays like that for a little while, but then it begins to go dull.

Cool Coral
Mauve Dream

It never feels dry on the lips, in fact, once it's dried down, it doesn't feel like anything at all. Nothing like traditional long-wearing lipsticks that completely dry out your lips where you have to add lip balm all day, just nothing. In fact, when I'm wearing these I check in the mirror to see if they're still on. And here's where the claims fall a bit short.

All claims of lasting all day, or long wearing - yeah, uh.. no. They do last awhile, but not 10 hours. Lipsticks don't tend to last very long on my, 2-3 hours at the most. I can get about 3 hours before they fade, and after about 4-5 hours there's a bit of a ring around my lips where it's faded away. Better than a gloss? By far. Better than a lipstick? Yep. 10 hours? No way. 
Mauve Dream after 1.5 hours and two cups of coffee.
It hold up well against eating and drinking during the first few hours.

All in all, I like this. I like them quite a bit, actually. I've actually purchased 3 of them, and wear them a bit. Since Little Miss was born, I've not worn much on my lips because I can't keep my lips off her head and end up kissing her very often - this stuff doesn't smudge off on her.

I would very much recommend them.

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