Friday, July 29, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze

Purple Haze all in my brain
lately things don't seem the same.
Acting funny and I don't know why
Excuse me while I kiss this guy.

A few weeks back I ordered a few polishes from Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bring It Back order. One of the polishes I ordered was Purple Haze. This is described as a vivid violet creme, and I'm a sucker for purples.

I love the color, a slightly dusty lavender. I also love the formula, not too thick, not too thin and perfectly opaque and shiny in two coats.

I do have one complaint about the polish, and it's not about the polish, per se. I don't like the brushes used in RBL bottles. It's sparse, thin and slightly stiff. It makes for a tougher time applying polish. I found that with the exception of my pinky nail, I could only wipe a tiny amount off the brush or else it would be streaky and require many dippings.

Aside from the brush issues, I do love both of the polishes that I have tried from this order so far. I have two more left and I look forward to trying them as well.


  1. Very pretty shade of purple-absolutely love it!


    The Brainless Housewife :P

  2. Purple Haze is one of my favorite colors by RBL. So much so I forced myself to stop using it before I ran out. I pondered a back-up one, but I have so many other polishes that I just made myself cut back on usage.

    I love how this looks on you. Have you tried Ginger & Liz yet? I love their brushes. Their brushes are not obnoxiously wide like Sally Hansen, but a good cross between SH and RBL.

  3. Mmm, purple. I don't know why they don't just keep this one in the lineup all the time--to me it's a basic.

  4. I have never tried Ginger & Liz, but heard a lot about them.. I'll have to look them up!


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