Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Glitter Gal 3D holographic polish in Green

Ok, I did it. I hopped on the Glitter Gal bandwagon. A few weeks back I placed an order on Llarowe for a bunch of holos. The first of which I posted about last week. Today's pick is Glitter Gal 3D holo in Green.

The color is a light green with a very lovely linear holo. Oh, how I love the linear holo. It is dangerous while driving in direct sunlight as one tends to stare at their nails - or maybe that's just me.

This polish definitely shows up better while using a flash, otherwise you just don't get the dancing flashes that you would in real life. Here is a picture in indirect sunlight (because the sun was refusing to help me out today).

Still pretty, though!

The polish was good. It was on the thin side, but not so bad that it runs into your cuticles. I did use three coats and there was still a faint nail line. Again, being that it is a holo - it wasn't enough to deter me from loving this. The brush did have a stray bristle, but a snip of my little scissors remedied that right away. The bottles are smaller than I expected. 9ml, so bigger than the tiny Le Metier de Beaute polishes, but smaller than most that you will find, especially for the price. But, from what I understand, holographic polishes cost a bit more to make, which is why recent holos have been on the pricy side.

This particular color is still available at Llarowe, as well as a few other colors in the holo line.

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