Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pop Beauty Nail Glam Violetta

The health of my nails go in cycles. I always have polish on them, and I try to keep the cuticles well hydrated, but I'll get a few weeks of great growth and then a few weeks where they are constantly splitting, peeling and breaking. Right now I'm in the latter half of that cycle and my nails are short short short. I've started taking my vitamins again - specifically added B vitamins - normally that helps strengthen my nails. We'll see how they look over the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll start an up cycle.

Pop Beauty Nail Glam in Violetta

The biggest of the 3 Ulta's near me has a huge selection, much bigger than the other two. While traipsing through the Uber Ulta, I noticed there was a selection of Pop Beauty Nail Glam nail polishes. I usually pass over the Pop Beauty display because nothing catches my eye. Needless to say this did. The bottle is 15ml for $10. So for a mid-range cosmetics company, that's quite a bargain. The display had about a dozen *very* brightly colored polishes, and Violetta was the one that jumped into my basket.

The color is described as "Fluro Purple". I don't think I would describe it as fluorescent purple, but it is a bright purple creme that throws more red than blue. The application was fine, but the wand was a bit awkward as the shaft was extra long. It went on in two nice coats, though.

Such short nails!

I'm starting to realize that I like a bit more than just a plain creme, even if the creme is a good color. As I was staring at this, I wanted to add some little shimmer on top of it. I recently found a bottle of Orly polish that is a clear polish with pink shimmer suspended in it. I though that would look great over this color.

Violetta with one coat of Orly Fifty-Four

This is one coat of Orly Fifty-four over top of the Violetta. I was having problems really capturing the pink shimmer, as it was very subtle. Just enough to satisfy my desire for shimmery polishes.

I'm wondering how this will look layered on top of an already shimmery polish.

The bad news is that this polish chipped pretty badly within 24 hours. I had a massive chip on my right pointer finger, followed by smaller chips on both middle fingers and a thumb. So, off it comes to make way for something new.


  1. What an amazing colour. Shame about the lack of staying power though.

  2. anti chip overcoat will prevent chipping...


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